How can our workplace get involved?

The first step is to register your interest in the program. It is possible to register as a business or as a group of businesses.

I’m part of a business in the Greater Melbourne and Greater Geelong area. How can I get involved?

The first phase of the Businesses Caring For Our Bay program will be rolled out in the Greater Geelong and Bellarine, Mornington Peninsula and Wyndham regions. We especially encourage businesses in these regions to register your business here for the Businesses Caring For Our Bays program. However, we encourage all business owners, managers or employees who are interested in investigating Bay-friendly business practices to register their interest.

Register your business

Nominate a business community

Are you a member of a traders association in the Greater Melbourne and Greater Geelong area? If you can get 25 % of the group’s members interested in exploring the Businesses Caring for Our Bay program we will tailor a workshop and open-discussion for your group. We will bring together local waste management authorities and packaging distributors to give you only the most relevant information and solutions for your area. The floor will be open for discussion and questions, with all members encouraged to take an active role.

We will cover:

  • Bay-friendly takeaway packaging options
  • Food safety considerations when filling customers’ own reusable containers
  • Enticing customers to BYO reusable containers, cutlery and bags
  • Waste-management, recycling and composting in your region
  • Paying respect to the traditional custodians of your region
  • Clean energy solutions
  • Ways that trader’s associations can work together to care for the Bay.

Following the workshop, we will follow up with interested businesses and the traders association as a whole to tailor solutions. To register interest from your Traders Association, please get in touch via the following form. We will send out resources to share with your fellow traders to get enough on board for us to visit.

Register a group

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