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Melbourne Water is a statutory authority owned by the Victorian Government.

We manage and protect the city’s major water resources, including our drinking water storage reservoirs and how drinking water is supplied. We are also responsible for the safe treatment of sewage, healthy waterways, and drainage and flood management in Melbourne.

We continue to support a community that values water and the environment through our engagement and education programs, with learning for the water curriculum and opportunities for citizen scientists to contribute to scientific research by monitoring our waterways.

Education programs

Melbourne Water’s education programs for primary, secondary and tertiary students and the community focus on the urban water cycle. By exploring water as a resource and the biodiversity of our waterways, our aim is to enable young people to better understand water use issues and how to make positive change.

To cater for the evolving needs of schools, universities and the community, Melbourne Water’s Education team has developed a suite of FREE digital education tools and resources to support the delivery of water education.

You can download a handy summary of these resources here or read more detail below:

Western Treatment Plant augmented reality (AR) app

Step through a virtual doorway and be immersed in the scale and breathtaking 360 degree views of the Western Treatment Plant using Melbourne Water’s new augmented reality (AR) app.

Western Treatment Plant virtual tour

Explore the Western Treatment Plant in more depth by taking our Western Treatment Plant Virtual Tour – access more features, including videos and fun facts about the sewage treatment process and the biodiversity and heritage values of this iconic site.

Drip trip: the game

Play our educational online game and follow Drippy the raindrop on a journey across the urban water cycle, through your neighbourhood’s water pipes, sewers, drains and waterways as you head towards the bay.

In addition our live community event as part of the Day by the Bay Festival, we are taking part in an Online Learning Festival as part of National Water Week, to be held from 19-25 October. Register for one our events below:

Celebrate National Water Week with Melbourne Water’s Principal Advisor Aboriginal Engagement – Nova Peris OAM 

Managing the effects of climate change and population growth across the Melbourne sewerage system

Explore the Western Treatment Plant Augmented Reality App 

Enhancing Dandenong Creek 

Building frog friendly habitat


Guided virtual excursions and webinars

We’re now offering virtual excursions and webinars for primary, secondary and tertiary students, bringing our tour sites straight to your classroom. Commencing with the Western Treatment Plant but expanding to our other sites soon. If you are a teacher, request a booking now for Term 4.


WaterEd Newsletter

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To browse all of our learning resources go to our Education Hub. To enquire about one of our experiences email education@melbournewater.com.au or call 131 722.

Citizen Science programs

Our citizen science programs help you to learn more about your local environment and local habitats, and help us better track the health of our waterways.

We have training and programs for people of all ages – and partnerships with councils, schools and community groups – so you can build on your knowledge and make a meaningful contribution to your local area.  The data you collect could contribute to scientific research, management planning and on-ground actions that improve the health of our rivers, creeks and wetlands.

Webinar series: Expert Connections

We’ve partnered with industry professionals to produce a live webinar series on ecological and waterway themes, designed to inform and inspire you. Whether you’re currently a Waterwatch volunteer, part of an environmental interest group or interested in Melbourne’s waterways, we hope you’ll learn something new.

Frog Census

Frogs play an important role in the waterway ecosystem and are easily affected by changes to their environment. Get involved in our community frog monitoring program, and collect data to help us manage frog populations and raise awareness of waterway health issues.

Being a frog monitor is easy and fun — and you don’t have to be a frog expert!

Platypus Census

Platypus can be found in rivers and creeks throughout Melbourne – but being very shy creatures it’s difficult to know how many live in a specific waterway. With your help we can build our knowledge of local platypus populations and manage our waterways to support them into the future.


Litter Action

Did you know most litter dropped on city or suburban streets ends up in our waterways through stormwater drains? Litter is a high profile and ecologically important issue impacting Melbourne’s waterways and bays. Find out how Waterwatch are tackling the issue of litter and how you can become involved.

To get involved go to https://www.melbournewater.com.au/water-data-and-education/get-involved/be-citizen-scientist or for more details email waterwatch@melbournewater.com.au or call 131 722.

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