Victorian National Parks Association

Our vision is to ensure Victoria is a place with a diverse and healthy natural environment that is protected, respected and enjoyed by all.

We work with all levels of government, the scientific community and the general community to achieve long term, best practice environmental outcomes and help shape the agenda for creating and managing national parks, conservation reserves and other important natural areas across land and sea in Victoria.

We are also Victoria’s largest bushwalking club and provide a range of education, citizen science and activity programs that encourage Victorians to get active for nature.


ReefWatch is the Victorian National Parks Association’s marine citizen science program. It provides projects that engage divers, snorkelers, rock pool ramblers and beach combers to contribute their observations, images and knowledge to expand our understanding of Victoria’s unique marine life.

ReefWatch coordinates a number of marine citizen science programs, including the Melbourne Sea Slug Census, Dragon Quest and the Great Victorian Fish Count.

Dive in at Popes Eye with Reef Cam

Resources to help you Fish Count:

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